About Us

We are headquartered in Johannesburg and have started making arrangements to extend our operations to various other regions to enlarge our footprint. From our Johannesburg offices we service a predominantly Gauteng based patient gamut. We have capacity to reach patients in all parts of Gauteng and have an accredited nurse network that extends to some of the most remote parts of the province and spills over to nearby cities of surrounding provinces.

We currently manage close to 2 000 patients and our nurses work on a 1:200 ratio. We have recently added a mobile nursing unit within the healthcare division to cater to an expanding market that is increasingly experiencing dropping service levels, slow turnaround periods, escalating costs and a bulging-gap of un-serviced areas. This unit is especially designed to plug into the space and leverage company infrastructure to improve industry levels of client service.

Clients will be able to contact our hotline or contact our management team on a 24 hour basis for speedy performance of pathological services for insurance purposes. Synergex relishes the opportunity to do business with its customers and unlocking the true potential of what can be achieved with dedicated and consistent service.